Mini Maxi Skirt

Mini Maxi Skirt

Kid No 1 needed a pirate costume for her school play, and I figured, if I was going to make something, I should make something she could wear all summer. I decided a stripy maxi skirt would be just the thing.

I didn’t use a pattern for this one. I just followed the Girls’ Knit Maxi Skirt Tutorial by Crafting Chicks. It was very simple and straight-forward, and the whole thing took under an hour. The tutorial makes a long, slightly a-line skirt with a yoga waistband.

Mini Maxi Skirt
Mini Maxi Skirt

I sewed this on my regular machine, which has an overlock-style stitch. I didn’t bother to hem it.

Also, no model for this one. Kid No 1 wasn’t in a great mood. Oh well!

I used a bamboo jersey from Telio. It’s really springy and soft, and though this skirt takes under one yard of fabric, I may have, ahem,  purchased four meters. So expect to see more stripes on the blog soon.


Pattern Review: None. Instead I used the Girls’ Knit Maxi Skirt Tutorial by Crafting Chicks.

Fabric: Bamboo jersey by Telio.

Cost: Under $15.

Sizes: 7.

Sewing Level: Beginner.

Modifications: None.

Results: Excellent! Super easy, super fast, and great, comfy results.

Author: Shannon Smith

Data scientist, journalist, sewist, hiker, modern quilter, slam poet, and mum of 4.

One thought on “Mini Maxi Skirt”

  1. I think that tutorial will work for big girl skirt too (especially since I have a bunch of stripy knit that I got at the VON charity shop…..)

    Are you able to make one of the meet ups this summer that Caro is planning? June or July / Saturday or Friday? Love to see you again!


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